The Association of Alberta Registry Agents (AARA) is a not-for-profit society representing the independent registry agencies in the province. Currently, AARA has 200 members in 150 communities.

The Alberta registry services delivery model is unique. Private sectors businesses are "Agents of the Crown" empowered to provide quality service to the public on behalf of the Government. In public satisfaction surveys, conducted by Government since 1994, the public has expressed very high levels of satisfaction with Registry Agents. Every day, Albertans place their trust in registry agents to deliver secure, reliable service.

The backbone of every registry agency is the employees at the front counter who deal with the public every day. To assist registry owners in attracting and retaining the best possible people for the jobs in this network, AARA has established STAR (Skills & Training for Alberta Registries) learning program to support its members' efforts to deliver accurate and consistent service. STAR was launched in June 2008 and its scope and course offerings are expected to grow as demand from members increases. The delivery model for this training combines online course work with the onsite support and mentoring of a senior staff member who serves as the STAR Administrator in each location. To access the courses, an individual must be employed by a registry agent and have the sponsorship of the agency owner.