Frequently Asked Questions

Program Questions

Why should my registry choose an online course?

Online courses offer several advantages. It's easier and less disruptive to schedule an online course than a facilitated session. Instead of dedicating an entire day to a classroom session, employees can work on course components whenever it's convenient.

Online learning can also eliminate travel costs. It's both expensive and time-consuming for facilitators and employees to travel to a central location. All participants need for an online course is internet access and a password.

Finally, online courses can help companies document due diligence in complying with regulations. The program automatically records who has taken and completed each course component and test.

General Administration

Within what timeframe do employees have to complete the program?
90 days
Who should a participant notify regarding a change of address?
Participants can make the change online, or email (cindy.wallace@aara.ca) or fax (780) 638-3780 the AARA office with their change of address.


What form of payments is acceptable?

Visa, MasterCard, Amex

Registry agent owners/managers can purchase bulk user access for their employees through the AARA Activation Ticket system. An employee is given a ticket number and can use that number to pay for the course when it is activated.

Can a registry agent/participant be invoiced for the program or must payment be made in advance?
No. At this time, only credit card payments are being accepted.


Does the exam have to be proctored?
No. Once the course is complete, you can chose to take the exam. During the exam, you will not have any access to online information.
Does the participant receive a passing score or just Pass/Fail?
After failing the exam, how many times can a participant re-write the exam before having to pay and start over?
Twice (3 chances total)
After failing the exam, is there any time limitation between re-writes?
No, but please review the program materials before rewriting.
When participants re-write, do they get a different exam?
Yes. Exams are randomly generated so it would be highly unlikely that any two students or one student trying multiple attempts would get the same exam.
What is the passing score?
Passing score is 80%
Who can see my exam results?
Exam results as well as your progress in the course are viewable to both you and the education coordinator in your registry agency.

Web Based Delivery

When writing the exam, can a participant review their answers and make changes to their selections?
Yes, as long as they haven't already exited the program
Can a participant get a replacement password if previous password was forgotten?
You may request your password to be sent to your email address here
Is there a time limit in which the participant must complete the whole program before the password expires?
Yes; 90 days
Is there a time limit on the exam?
Yes; 45 minutes
Are there specific computer software systems and browser required to run the program on-line?
System Requirements
- Windows XP and newer, OS X 10.3 and newer
- Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 12, Chrome 18, Safari 5, or newer
- Sound Card and Speakers
- Adobe Reader, free download
- Adobe Flash Player, free download
- High Speed Internet is highly recommended