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All courses on this site have been designed for individuals performing or about to perform registry service functions.

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Courses are delivered online in an easy-to-learn environment, using real-life examples specific to the registry services in Alberta.

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Registry Services

What is the value of staff training? Why use online training? How do I get started?
AARA values education and training of personnel for the following reasons:
  • Creates a pool of readily available and adequate replacements for personnel who may leave or move up in the organization
  • Enhances a registry agency's ability to adopt and use advances in technology because of sufficiently knowledgeable staff
  • Builds a more efficient, effective and highly motivated team which enhances the company's competitive position and improves employee morale.
  • Ensures adequate human resource for expansion into new programs.
In addition, research has shown specific benefits that a small business receives from training and developing its employees including:
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved efficiency resulting in financial gains
  • Decreased need for supervision
Our online training courses are a cost effective way to train your staff. There are no travelling, meeting or accommodation costs. Courses are available around the clock and can be accessed from any computer that has Internet access. In addition, employers can track their employees' progress and check reports for how successful each enrolled employee is at applying the concepts taught in each course.
  1. Register on the site by clicking on "Register Now" on the left side of the screen below the login area.
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  4. Now that registration is complete you will need to activate or purchase a course. Click on the Courses menu item on the left side of the screen.
  5. Choose the course you wish to purchase/activate and click on the Online button beside "Enroll".
  6. Choose whether you are purchasing this course or activating it with a ticket from your employer.
  7. Complete the steps of the wizard to finish activating the course. You will receive an email confirming your purchase.
  8. Access the course by clicking on the Courses menu and then click on Access Course beside the course you wish to access.